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Activity report 2021

Association Save the Jewish Cemetery Währing The association can also look back on a very successful year in 2021. Due to Corona, tours and volunteer

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Condition after renovation 13.6.2020

Activity report 2020

Jewish Cemetery Vienna Währing The association, which has set itself the goal of advancing the renovation of the Jewish Cemetery Währing, looks back on a

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Activity report 2019

Jewish Cemetery Vienna Währing The year 2020 has arrived and it is time to report on the activities of the association in 2019. The cooperation

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2018 Progress Report

2018 Progress Report The spring of 2019 has arrived at last, and the time has come to update you on new developments in the association

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Importance of volunteer work

The Importance of Volunteer Work for the Jewish Cemetery Währing Volunteerism is a more indispensable part of the maintenance work at the cemetery grounds. In

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The association opens the cemetery grounds once a month on the second Sunday of each month (except Jewish holidays) from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and offers interesting background information at the associated Info Point. A small museum is under construction.

Info Point Cemetery and Museum

1190 Vienna, Schrottenbachgasse 3

You can find the next guided tours and the online registration form

Guided tours take place by default always at 11:00 and 13:00.

Men are requested to wear headgear.
The tour lasts about 90 minutes.

Important Notice:

Before the start of the tour, you must sign a liability statement. Entering the Jewish cemetery is fraught with danger due to the age of the facility and the structural condition. Especially through

  • falling branches
  • damaged crypts (edgings and covers)
  • toppling gravestones

is a danger for any visitor. We would also like to point out that special care is required when entering the area, as there are always holes in the ground and other uneven ground. When walking in the cemetery, please make sure you know what the surface is like. Leaning against gravestones is prohibited. Due to the sources of danger described above, there is a risk of serious injury to visitors. For this reason the cemetery is not open to the public. We therefore ask you to consider these sources of danger before entering the cemetery and to assess whether you can accept this risk. In particular, we draw attention to the fact that children and the elderly are at high risk due to the uneven ground and damaged grave sites. Therefore, when visiting the cemetery with children or disabled persons, there is a special obligation of attention of the accompanying persons.