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We're starting the voluntary work on January 9th!

Volunteer days give you the opportunity to experience this unique cultural and historical site from a completely new perspective. You will be able to use a variety of gardening tools to clear the vegetation currently overgrowing the gravestones and site.
Gloves, shears, rakes and wheelbarrows are provided. If you happen to have any gardening gloves or other equipment of your own, please bring these along.

Upcoming volunteer days:

  • 14. August 2022
  • 11. September 2022
  • 9. October 2022

10am to 4pm. Prior registration is not required.

Please note:

• All visitors enter the site at their own risk, and you will be asked to confirm this on arrival (declaration of liability).
• Men are requested to wear a head covering while on the premises.
• Please wear sturdy footwear and suitable working clothes (the undergrowth contains extremely thorny blackberry thickets).
• We may stop work in the event of strong wind or severe weather conditions, depending on the situation and safety considerations.