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How can I support the project?

Perhaps you have been on a tour of the cemetery, and now you recognise the catastrophic state of the grounds and monuments? Almost all the relatives of those interred in the cemetery either perished in the Holocaust or have long since emigrated abroad, and there is no-one left to take care of the graves. The Jewish Community has a limited budget, and so is only able to make a modest contribution to the preservation effort.

We are asking you to help us!  You may choose one of the following options:

Taking part in volunteer days:

Volunteer days give you the opportunity to experience this unique cultural and historical site from a completely new perspective. You will be able to use a variety of gardening tools to clear the vegetation currently overgrowing the gravestones and site. Gloves, shears, rakes and wheelbarrows are provided

Upcoming volunteer days:

1/11/2019 and 8/3/2020, 10am to 4pm.

(From March to October, volunteer days will be held on the same days as the guided tours; the season ends on 1 November, and work resumes in March).

If you happen to have any gardening gloves or other equipment of your own, please bring these along.

Please note:

• All visitors enter the site at their own risk, and you will be asked to confirm this on arrival (declaration of liability).
• Men are requested to wear a head covering while on the premises.
• Please wear sturdy footwear and suitable working clothes (the undergrowth contains extremely thorny blackberry thickets).
• We may stop work in the event of strong wind or severe weather conditions, depending on the situation and safety considerations.


Making a donation:

We invite you to support the association with a donation. 100% of funds received will be used to renovate the cemetery and restore its gravestones. You can make a donation in person or transfer funds into our donations account.

Rettet den jüdischen Friedhof Währing

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Personal Info

Das Spendenkonto lautet:

Inhaber: Verein Rettet den jüdischen Friedhof
Erste Bank AG
IBAN AT23 2011 1837 7378 3000

Spenden ab EUR 500,00 können gerne mit einer Zweckwidmung versehen werden oder Sie übernehmen eine Kulturpatenschaft für die Renovierung eines Grabdenkmals zum Andenken an einen längst verstorbenen Vorfahren oder als Ausdruck der kulturellen Verantwortung.

Donation Total: 1,00€

Account details are as follows:

Account holder: Verein Rettet den jüdischen Friedhof
Erste Bank AG
IBAN AT23 2011 1837 7378 3000

Donations over €500 may be allocated to a specific purpose of your choice, or you may like to sponsor the renovation of a particular monument, either in memory of a distant ancestor or as a demonstration of cultural responsibility.

To receive regular updates on the association’s activities and see how your donation has helped, please sign up for our newsletter:

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