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Tours of the Jewish Cemetery in Währing/Museum visits

The association opens the cemetery on the second Sunday of each month (excluding Jewish holidays) from 10 am to 4 pm.
The Info Point provides interesting background information (in german). A small museum is under construction.

Cemetery and museum Info Point

1190 Wien, Schrottenbachgasse 3

Tours (in german) will be conducted on

  • 8. May 2022

  • 12. June 2022

  • 10. July 2022

  • 14. August 2022

  • 11. September 2022

  • 9. October 2022

  • 13. November 2022

  • 11. December 2022

at 11 am and 1 pm.

Men are requested to wear a head covering while on the premises.
The tour lasts for approx. 90 minutes.

Please note:

You will be required to sign a liability waiver before the tour begins.  Access to the Jewish cemetery may be dangerous, owing to the age of the structures and the poor condition of the premises. In particular, all visitors should be aware of the serious risk of

  • falling branches
  • damaged tombs (borders and covers), and
  • toppling gravestones

We would also like to advise that visitors should take particular care when walking around the site, as there are many holes in the ground and other uneven areas. Please pay close attention to the surface underfoot when visiting the cemetery. Leaning on gravestones is forbidden. The dangers described above could lead to serious injury, which is why the cemetery is not open to the general public. We therefore request that all visitors consider the possible dangers before entering the cemetery and decide whether you wish to take the risk. In particular, children and the elderly may find the uneven surface and damaged graves especially hazardous. When children or invalids visit the cemetery, their companions will need to be very attentive.

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